Pouya & Xavier Wulf - ​Whatever mane

Pouya & Xavier Wulf - ​Whatever mane
Pouya & Xavier Wulf - ​Whatever mane
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Текст песни Pouya & Xavier Wulf - ​Whatever mane

I'm livin' this life to the fullest
I don't wanna hear no should've would've
'Cause you could but you couldn't
I'ma show a nigga how to do it
Pull up, already see him lookin'
Don't get your girl tooken
I'm ridin' through, creepin' and I'm crooked
And don't you even try to play stupid
I'm really known to do it
All I do is play my own music
'Cause all you lil' rap niggas clueless
You foolish and we knew it

Yuh, ayy, bitch
Baby Bone, quit, I break a bitch back
No slack, get my MAC, I gave that pussy toe tag
Big bags in the all-black Volvo
Look over my shoulders, I can't trust a soul (I can't trust a soul)
Too many rappers I know been killed for less than a mill' (Bitch)
Half of the realest dead, too many people dead
Feed on that fuck shit, suckin' dick for clout (Ayy, ayy, yuh)

I'm doin' what I can to keep a balance
Why you hoes still being slick?
Why you gotta act childish?
Pull up, flip a show and then we out it
I don't think he goin' this hard
I don't think that he about it
She trippin', I'ma make her way up out it
I don't break a sweat for nobody
Nigga, no way around it
Pull up to a nigga like I found him
Hollow Squad came too deep
Look at how we gon' surround 'em

Bitch, I'm rich, he ain't gonna bloat it
Semi-automatic, mama told me, "Keep it loaded"
Broken bones, bloodshed
Dead eyes and a pit mouth foamin'
Overdose and no one, nobody will ever notice
Bitch, I'm floatin', look at my stat sheet
Baby mama still think I'm a deadbeat
This world will never accept me
Fuck your life, don't even look at me
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